Protect your business with our cloud-based digital video surveillance solution. From small business to large installations with thousands of high-definition cameras, we can support any size requirement with our turn-key cloud-based video surveillance solution.

Enterprise-Class, Intelligent Video Surveillance Technology

Our pre-tested, optimized, and fully integrated cloud-based video surveillance solution is quick to deploy, easy to manage, and cost-effective. Designed to bring together advanced server technology, powerful video management software, and highly-optimized storage, our video surveillance solution is cloud agile and easily customizable as the needs of your organization evolve.

Bridging the Gap Between Digital Video Security and Business Intelligence

Digital video can now be treated as both an intelligent security solution and a tactical business tool. Available features include:

  • Intelligent video analytics powered by IBM Watson – Utilize metadata to reduce time spent on incident searches and extract valuable business information
  • Milestone XProtect® IP Video Management Software (VMS) – A true open-platform enabling integration with the industry’s widest choice in encoders, IP cameras, and digital video recorders (DVRs)
  • High resolution and frame rates
  • Single, centralized management interface – regardless of installation size
  • Pre-tested and integrated infrastructure
  • Open cloud-based architecture for maximum flexibility and scalability
  • Centralized multi-site management
  • Encrypted digital watermarking, ensuring video integrity

Mitigate security risks, enhance business intelligence, and minimize your total cost of ownership. We offer a flexible and scalable video surveillance solution that is adaptable for organizations of any size.

Video Surveillance Integrated With Managed Cloud Solutions

Whether it’s a cloud-based or hybrid cloud solution, utilize our managed cloud services as the control centre for your video surveillance solution. We offer 24x7x365 monitoring and alerting to ensure you are able to quickly respond to any type of event and extract valuable business information with minimal ongoing maintenance and management.

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