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i-Virtualize Case Study

i-Virtualize Eliminates Cloud Sprawl to Mitigate Future Threats


It’s bad enough to be a victim of one ransomware attack, but to be hit twice is just too much. A global industrial supplies manufacturer found this to be the case for them when they discovered that cloud server sprawl put them at risk. They reached out to i-Virtualize for help to ensure it never happens again.


i-Virtualize helped fix the damage that had been done and strengthen the company’s security posture to make them less vulnerable to another attack. After assessing the environment to understand what resources were being used and where, i-Virtualize recommended consolidating all their data from their multiple clouds and putting it into one, easy-to-manage, secure cloud. As part of this refresh, i-Virtualize also replaced all the 10-year-old switches with new reliable Cisco network switches.



The manufacturer has remained attack-free and has even increased productivity thanks to their streamlined cloud storage solution. Not only did consolidating their cloud leave them better protected against ransomware and other attacks, but it helped them reduce spending since they are no longer supporting unused workloads.

With their new Cisco switches, the company has maximized their uptime, realized high throughput, enhanced access and automated operations. I-Virtualize continues to support the manufacturer as a trusted advisor, providing enterprise-level support.

i-virtualize Secure the Cloud