i-Virtualize Success Stories

i-Virtualize: The cure for your IT pains

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With the findings from the assessment, i-Virtualize was able to deliver a report outlining key areas of focus for BCHU […]

Security Technologies Company Accelerates Storage Performance

A global security technologies provider was unhappy with the cost of maintaining their legacy storage solution. They were looking to […]

RTLS Installed in Plastics Manufacturer

When many thought that the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic was behind them, one plastics manufacturer discovered it was still […]

Global Information and Insights Company

Knowing what you want and getting it isn’t always the same. For one global information and insights company, who knew […]

Industrial Supplies Manufacturer

It’s bad enough to be a victim of one ransomware attack, but to be hit twice is just too much. […]

Customer Success Story – Trade Union

National trade union was a victim of ransomware, losing all their data and compromising their wireless system. They needed to […]