A Modern Take on Traditional Infrastructure

Empower What’s Next

By strategically upgrading your current infrastructure you can strengthen your organization with an agile foundation to pursue mission-critical initiatives and deliver positive business outcomes. But upgrading your technology can be complicated, that’s why i-Virtualize’s team of experts deliver:

  • Consultative approach to helping you plan for your unique business needs
  • Enterprise-class solution for organizations of all sizes
  • Converged and hyperconverged server and storage solutions
  • Cost-effective network solutions that ensure performance, scalability and redundancy
  • State-of-the-art security solutions for end-to-end coverage
  • Integrated and customized software solutions

Drive efficiency, while staying on budget, with a host of flexible, intelligent, and scalable converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. 

Evolution of Infrastructure Convergence

Following natural evolutionary patterns comes the next step in infrastructure convergence: hyperconverged infrastructure. A more software-defined approach, hyperconverged infrastructure reinvents data center architecture and completely simplifies data management.

  • Single integrated platform for backup, compression, deduplication, and data protection
  • Easy to understand dashboard for deployment and management
  • Unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency, and simplicity
  • Most resilient and efficient data center

Not sure if converged or hyperconverged is right for your organization?

Is it an upgrade or a consolidation you’re looking for? Need assistance in developing your strategic plan?

Prepared for Today. Ready for the Future.

  • Significantly reduces CapEx by eliminating the need for separate components
  • Respond rapidly to changing market demands.
  • Superior performance, ensuring applications run smoothly and responsively.
  • Optimize resource utilization by allocating resources dynamically based on workload demands.
  • Simplified management through a unified interface, making better use of your IT resources.
  • Built-in redundancy and failover ensure business continuity even in the face of hardware failures.

Don’t let your infrastructure hold you back

Tell us about your business and let’s see how we can help you.