How can TRACE Sensors help my business’s bottom line?
TRACE Sensors enhances your revenue possibilities in a variety of ways

  • Helps you make more well-informed business-process decisions with real-time workflow data
  • Enables you to cut overhead—and wasteful—operational costs
  • Can boost worker and process efficiencies by giving you a clear view into the use of your resources and facility space
  • Allows you to maintain high-production capacity by optimizing the real estate within your facility
  • Enables you to identify critical areas that may be subject to space/process reorganization

I currently have an RFID system for asset tagging, why would I need TRACE sensors? 

TRACE Sensors offers a variety of tags—for assets and inventory, as well as wearable tags for employees and visitors. Each of these tags has a significantly longer battery life (2-3 years) than a standard RFID (2-3 weeks). Bluetooth antennas detect a closer radius to an item or person (1-2 submetres) enabling you to find an asset in minutes instead of hours.

What’s the difference between this and cameras to watch the comings and goings of employees and assets? 

Cameras don’t follow employees continuously and there are times and areas where cameras can’t record information, therefore gaps in where employees or assets may be. They also don’t tell you where a particular asset, piece of inventory or employee is at that moment.

Is my facility too small for a tracking system OR too big?

TRACE Sensors is a scalable solution that be adjusted to fit facilities of any size.

What would I do with a bunch of tracking data? How would I store it?

The data collected by TRACE Sensors helps you drive efficiency and enhance productivity.

  • Make more well-informed business-process decisions
  • Cut overhead operational costs
  • Gain a detailed, data-driven understanding of how individuals behave in their facility
  • Improve inventory control
  • Enhance productivity and factory efficiency
  • Monitor deviations from expected processes and perform root-cause analysis
  • Optimize industrial asset utilization
  • Monitor and control industrial workflows in real time
  • Increase workforce coordination and productivity

You can store your information for as long as you like, on-premises or in the cloud. i-Virtualize can help you determine the best storage approach for your organization’s needs.

Does the data and analytics I’ve collected integrate with my ERP system?

Yes it does and it can even make it more powerful by enabling you to overlay other data—sales, trajectory of customers, employee density, number of asset searches, KPIs—and automatically generate reports to help you discover where you can make improvements in your processes, enhance the customer journey, and drive profitability.

What about employee privacy?

Unlike tracking and contact tracing solutions that use apps on your phones, TRACE Sensors is a non-invasive location tracking solution, similar to an identity badge or key cards. This solution ONLY provides employee location information while the employee is on the company’s campus. No personal data is collected.

What else am I going to need to buy for a total solution?

TRACE Sensors are a total solution. i-Virtualize will work with you to determine exactly what you need. However, as a leading solutions and services provider, i-Virtualize can help you optimize your IT so you can get more out of your technology investment.