Giving Back to Our Community

1% of TRACE Sensors Sales to MCH


i-Virtualize is not only committed to serving our customers, but to also being of service to our community right here in Hamilton. One way we are sharing the benefits of our success to help others is in our support of McMaster’s Children’s Hospital (MCH).

As the leading provider of care for children across Ontario, MCH provides a range of programs and clinics with unique expertise in a number of areas, including children’s cancer, digestive diseases, and mental health.

It is a privilege for i-Virtualize to show our support of MCH by donating 1% of our revenue from TRACE Sensors to the hospital. Conceived out of the need to help businesses protect their employees from the spread of the coronavirus, TRACE Sensors empowers businesses to drive efficiencies throughout their facilities while helping their employees maintain physical distancing and gathering contact tracing data for overall organizational wellness.

If you would like to be a part of i-Virtualize’s support of MCH, you can use the button below to make a donation to the hospital.