Data Everywhere—Security at the Center

i-Virtualize and Dell

Every industry is data driven. As that data continues to grow exponentially—along with the resources it takes to manage it all—what you may have thought was an unbreakable level of protection has met its breaking point.

i-Virtualize and Dell deliver powerful, efficient, and trusted data management and protection that not only empowers today’s cyber resilience, but enables you to stay ahead of the cybersecurity breaking point.  


The breaking point

 New Technology

New Technology

 New technology new workloads require new infrastructure which can be hard to fit into a CapEx model.

Talent Constraints

Talent Constraints

Technology is more complex than ever, requiring specialized, and often hard-to-find, IT talent.

Resource Costs

Resource Costs

Retention and acquisition are at an all-time-high, making it extremely difficult to afford new staff.

Dell PowerProtect:

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects and isolates critical data from ransomware and other sophisticated threats. With machine learning capabilities that identify suspicious activity and enable you to recover known good data, you can resume normal business operations with confidence.

  • Immutability - Preserve data integrity and confidentiality with layers of security and controls
  • Isolation - Physical and logical separation of data within a vault
  • Intelligence - Machine learning and analytics help ensure recoverability

#1 in data protection appliances and software


85% faster time to recover in the event of a disaster


Dell Powerstore

PowerStore’s flexible, software-driven architecture gives you consistent business results in a changing world; optimizing, protecting, and scaling workloads from core to edge to cloud.

  • Ransomware - Identify cybersecurity threats before they occur so you can recover faster
  • Array theft – External key manager support increases data-at-rest encryption(D@RE), saving you time and money
  • File theft – File Level Retention (FLR) safeguards file data from both internal and external threats

#1 in customer satisfaction


Proven 99.9999% availability

Get ahead of security struggles before they leave your business behind

As a Dell Gold Partner, i-Virtualize team is positioned to help you strategically upgrade your current infrastructure, consolidate to strengthen your existing assets, or transform and rebuild it entirely — from servers and storage to networking and security to software.

  • Develop a strategic plan for your unique business needs
  • Enterprise-class solutions for organizations of all sizes
  • Cost-effective that ensure performance, scalability, and redundancy
  • State-of-the-art security solutions for end-to-end coverage
  • Integrated and customized software solutions

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    [1] Based on combined hardware revenue from the IDC 4Q21 Purpose-Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) Tracker and Data Replication and Protection Software revenue from the 4Q21 Storage Software and Cloud Services Tracker [2 Analyzing the Economic and Operational Benefits of the Dell EMC Data Protection Portfolio Report, Enterprise Strategy Group, September 2020 [3] Based on Dell Technologies analysis in January 2022 using double-blinded, competitive benchmark Net Promoter Score (NPS) data gathered by third-party commissioned by Dell for 2H FY22[4] 99.9999% system availability in customer environments, running target code levels, as measured April 2022. Actual results vary.