IBM and i-Virtualize: Storage Without Compromise

Transform and enhance your business with a comprehensive storage solution that integrates and refreshes your existing IT infrastructure, while reducing costs.

The Gold Standard in Storage

As an IBM Gold Partner, i-Virtualize has built our business on a cornerstone of IBM storage solutions, enabling our clients to effectively manage and secure their data—on-premises and in the cloud.

Our team of IBM-certified engineers has decades of experience helping clients get more out of their technology investment and achieve their long-term storage goals.

Storage for Your Business

IBM offers a variety of data storage solutions to fit your business’s storage needs and budget.

All-Flash Storage:

ContrTurbocharge your flash access with end-to-end NVMe for accelerated performance and lower latency.ol costs with an optimized mix of storage media at an affordable price.

Hybrid Storage:

Control costs with an optimized mix of storage media at an affordable price.

Software-Defined Storage (SDS):

Manage your data growth and enable cloud initiatives with file, block and object solutions

Storage Area Networks (SAN):

Capitalize on enterprise-wide data sharing and collaboration with intelligent SAN switches, directors and routers.

Tape Storage:

Scalable, durable, secure and energy efficient at a compellingly lower cost.

Modern Data Protection:

Protect your critical business data with an integrated approach to backup and disaster recovery.

Take advantage of IBM’s advanced automated features:

  • Real-time Compression – Lower effective capacity requirements of a volume typically up to 1/5 of the uncompressed capacity
  • Easy-Tier – Faster data access and throughput, better performance, and less power consumption.
  • FlashCopy – Greater efficiency when it comes to your backups and disaster recovery.
  • Thin-provisioning – Simpler server administration and configuration.

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IBM and i-Virtualize offers a variety of data storage solutions to fit your business’s storage needs and budget.

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Experience You Can Count On

i-Virtualize’s experienced sales team and certified engineers utilized their in-depth, consultative approach to match your company’s unique storage requirements with the appropriate technology solutions to deliver on your expectations.

Driven by a passion to offer excellent customer service and support, we believe our business is only as successful as yours can be with reliable, secure and cost-effective managed technology solutions.

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