It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Revolution

It’s Time for a Cybersecurity Revolution

The unfortunate truth is that when it comes to your cybersecurity, you’re responsible to doing everything right, but all it takes is one small gap to exploit and the bad guys have you on the ropes. With so many different threats bombarding your business at any moment, security is a patchwork with a lot of solutions handling their own little corner of your security framework. It’s no wonder there are holes in between all of those patches.

Did you know the average enterprise uses up to 76 different security tools on a daily basis? Crazy. How are you supposed to effectively manage all of those tools? You don’t.

If there’s a breach, think of all the people you have to activate and how many dashboards they have to navigate. It’s time consuming, costly, and could end up ruining your business. You have to act fast, and if your security is slowing you down, then you need a better solution.

Security Revolution

Cisco is not only simplifying security, but they’re also revolutionizing security by consolidating their vast portfolio of security products – about 30 in all – down to 3.

  • Cisco User Protection Suite
  • Cisco Cloud Protection Suite
  • Cisco Breach Protection Suite

Let’s take a brief look at each one of these.

User Protection

Making protection easy for users enhances the viability of the protection. Barry Yuan, Cisco’s Security Technical Solutions Architect, uses the metaphor of drinking water. When we go to fill our glass, we don’t have to choose how the water reaches us, such a PVC pipe or a copper pipe. It just comes out. Simple.

But for years security was super complex with dependencies for accessing data and apps. Different apps utilized different security, which was confusing. Cisco simplifies this into 2 steps: Authenticate and Go to Work. They handle all the plumbing behind the scenes. It’s frictionless for users to access what they need when they need it. Cisco also makes your zero-trust experience frictionless as well. It just works.

Cloud Protection

In our hybrid, multicloud world, simpler is better. Cisco Cloud Protection is the fastest and simplest way to defend all your clouds. You don’t have to think about the cloud or be a cloud expert to ensure your workloads, apps, and business are running efficiently and securely. You can even reduce risk by accelerating remediation with vulnerability prioritization. And best of all, there’s just one interface. So instead of wasting time navigating multiple dashboards when an attack strikes, like ransomware, you can shut it down from one.

Not so fun fact: Ransomware takes about 40 minutes to gain a stronghold.
Really fun fact: Cisco Cloud Protection makes every minute count and you’ll end up with minutes to spare and less headaches.

Breach Protection

With the help of AI and machine learning, cyberattacks are getting more sophisticated. So why not put the power of AI to work for you in defending your business? Cisco Breach Protection empowers SOC to conquer every tactic, technique, and procedure hackers can throw at you. Not only does it stop the most complex attacks, it helps you speed up investigation, and streamline response by paring human talent with AI and automation.

You can stop threats before it’s too late by combining detection for email, endpoints, networks, and the cloud. All from one dashboard that’s built to meet you where you are.

You got this

As a Cisco Premier Partner, i-Virtualize is here to help you revolutionize your security. Contact us to get started or if you want to hear more from Barry Yuan, check out our brief video for quick demos and more details about Cisco Protection Suites.


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