Know Your Environment

For years, organizations have been considering Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) as part of their digital transformation strategy as a way to gain a clear view into what’s going on in their environments. As companies start to take a long look at workplace efficiency, productivity, and safety, RTLS is becoming a key asset they’re realizing they shouldn’t go without.

In fact, experiments using RTLS technologies are taking place across industries, impacting tasks like workflow analysis, resource optimization, security/safety and the user experience. As IoT continues to gain momentum, increasingly more companies are expected to announce plans for adoption.

TRACE Sensors

TRACE Sensors Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) utilizes IoT technologies to gather data about the position of your workforce and industrial assets and turns that data into valuable analytics you can use to drive efficiency.

Location Leader

To ensure precise location accuracy in our TRACE Sensors RTLS solution, we partnered with Quuppa. Quuppa is an innovator and leading developer of high-accuracy indoor positioning technologies. TRACE Sensors incorporates Quuppa’s state-of-the art Locators to deliver:

  • Hyper-accurate location monitoring and valuable business intelligence
  • Cost-effective and extremely reliable usage
  • Simple scalability
  • Easy integration

Power of Partnership

i-Virtualize is proud to be a Quuppa partner. Our design, implementation, and support expertise—paired with our private and hybrid cloud capabilities—are what make our TRACE Sensors solution stand out. With Quuppa locators as a key element of that solution, we can ensure that our customers can get greater return on their investment in TRACE than in other solutions that lack the accuracy and agility of Quuppa.

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