TRACE Sensors — Tag— Track — Trace

Businesses around the world have experienced a loss of their assets, consumer confidence, healthy employees, and their overall stability, due to COVID-19. As we return to work and to life in the “new normal,” companies are being challenged to keep employees and customers safe, and evolve their business processes to drive greater efficiency.

Tracking and Tracing Solution

Developed by i-Virtualize to address the rapidly growing needs of businesses to protect their employees and customers during the coronavirus pandemic, TRACE Sensors is an all-inclusive and scalable physical distance monitoring and contact tracing solution.

TRACE Sensors enable you to:

  • Alert employees when they are too close to one another
  • Improve work habits and practices to ensure workers are safe
  • Track and privately record physical proximity of workers
  • Minimize potential exposure and mitigate illness risks
  • Reconstruct past interactions of infected workers to keep others safe
  • Access key information about your business from any device, any time

Physical Distance Monitoring and Contact Tracing Innovation

TRACE Sensors is an innovative indoor positioning and location system that uses ceiling antennas with Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity to track sensors on assets, employee badges or tags, and shopping carts and baskets to provide physical distancing alerts and contact location data.

A non-invasive location tracking solution, TRACE Sensors is similar to an identity badge or key cards. This solution only provides employee location information while the employee is on the company’s campus. No personal data is collected.

i-Virtualize found a new way to use the proven capabilities of asset tagging technology to monitor employees’ physical distancing and trace their contact with one another while on company grounds. Companies can utilize that information to help halt the spread of the virus and keep business moving forward.

Maximize efficiency and minimize contagion with i-Virtualize TRACE Sensors.

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