RTLS Drives Digital Transformation in Logistics

The highly competitive logistics market has companies striving to make smarter decisions by predicting, sensing, and responding to current market conditions. Adoption of advanced solutions such as Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) are creating a new paradigm called Logistics 4.0. RTLS enables logistics, transportation, and warehousing businesses to lead with the competitive advantages of agility, customer centricity, and unstoppable innovation. But what is RTLS and how can it help you drive transformation in your business?

The Value of RTLS for Logistics

If the logistics industry is about getting supplies, materials, and products where they need to be, RTLS is all about verifying that those things are where they’re supposed to be and when they need to be there. The system allows goods, assets, tools, and personnel to be tracked across a warehouse floor or even throughout the whole supply chain.

With increasing globalization, there is a surge in trade and commerce activities worldwide. The continuous need for the mandatory monitoring of goods at immigration depots, containers in ports, and cross-docking points makes RTLS invaluable. On top of that, RTLS helps you mitigate operational issues, such as high cargo volumes, data management, tracking containers, and security checks.

6 Key Benefits of RTLS

  1. Increased efficiency – Utilizing supply chain visibility and advanced data analytics, you’ll know exactly how long it takes goods to move from point A to point B. With those insights, also with real-time data regarding the locations of your employees and assets, such as forklifts, you can determine the optimal route to increase operational efficiency.
  2. Reduced errors – Instead of manually tracking assets through the supply chain, RTLS does it automatically without relying on workers. This not only reduced errors but can cut seconds off each minute or minutes off each hour of manual labor that adds up to greater savings over time.
  3. Decreased workload – With the added visibility given in real-time, you can save valuable time when a problem arises. The same can be said for when shipments are being delayed or compromised. The data provided by RTLS enables you to track down shipments quickly.
  4. Minimized asset loss – Equipment and goods go missing or are stolen each year, adding up to significant losses for your organization. Cutting those losses by a significant proportion can have a substantial effect on your bottom line.
  5. Enhanced sustainability – By creating greater efficiencies throughout your environment, minimizing loss and the need to reship items, and by enabling workers to do more in less time, you enhance your viability as a company while even reducing your carbon footprint.
  6. Strengthen your brand – A greater commitment to efficiency, and the accountability that comes with that, elevates your brand’s position with the public, your customers, and investors.

TRACE Sensors RTLS for Logistics

i-Virtualize’s TRACE Sensors Real-time Location Services solution utilizes IoT technologies to gather data about the position of your assets, goods/inventory, and workforce and turns that data into valuable analytics you can use to drive efficiency.

  • Provides executable knowledge about industrial processes
  • Transforms physical spaces into interactive, measurable environments
  • Utilizes proprietary scalable data processing technology to compute advanced analytics and KPIs
  • Accommodates new metrics and KPIs to best support business process optimization
  • Illustrates actionable insights through dynamic visual analytics and easy-to-use dashboard
  • Allows automated push notifications and content delivery based on position, profile information, and date/time
  • Offers 24/7 availability to information from any device

Become a Logistics 4.0 leader with TRACE Sensors. Take a 2-minute assessment to see how TRACE Sensors can empower your digital transformation.

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