Security Technologies Company Accelerates Storage Performance

i_Virtualize Case Study-IBM

Security Technologies Company Accelerates Storage Performance and More with i-Virtualize and IBM


A global security technologies provider was unhappy with the cost of maintaining their legacy storage solution. They were looking to refresh their legacy storage environment with a reliable solution that could help them reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO), while improving performance and benefitting from advanced features.


As their trusted IT partner for more than a decade, the company reached out to i-Virtualize for help with identifying and evaluating solutions that would meet their requirements. i-Virtualize’s experienced sales team and certified engineers utilized their in-depth, consultative approach to match the company’s unique storage requirements with the appropriate technology solutions, that also met their budget requirements. Ultimately, the team brought forward and endorsed an IBM Data Storage solution that utilized a combination of NVMe, SSD and SAS disk that fit within the company’s budget.



The modular IBM Data Storage solution provided the company with a new, flexible architecture that was capable of accelerating performance, and maximizing data security and storage backup efficiency, along with enabling them to maintain maximum uptime. It also included advanced automated features, like Real-time Compression, Easy-Tier, FlashCopy and Thin-provisioning—all with a lower TCO.

With the i-Virtualize team at their side, this company was able to develop and execute a practical strategy that addressed their budget and technology requirements, while building the foundation to achieve their long-term goals.