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i-Virtualize Announces Launch of TRACE Sensors Real-time Location Services

Enhancing operational efficiency and protecting workers from virus spread

i-Virtualize created TRACE Industry to empower Industry 4.0 and advance the potential of smart factories, utilizing IoT technology to provide accurate, real-time location services (RTLS). By having the ability to locate your assets and your workforce anywhere in your environment, using data analytics, you can improve industrial processes to optimize your factory’s efficiency.

July 21, 2020 01:14 PM Eastern Daylight Time – Press Release on Business Wire

TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Toronto technology solution provider, i-Virtualize, announced today the launch of TRACE Sensors real-time location services. The first of its kind, TRACE Sensors provides non-invasive, high accuracy asset tracking and workforce monitoring for a variety of industries. The solution provides valuable data analytics that can be used to improve workflows, enhance worker productivity, and reduce costs. The solution’s physical distance monitoring and contact tracing enhances worker safety and possibly helps curb the spread of contagions.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has created struggles for companies to ensure workforce safety and enhance workflow efficiency throughout facilities. TRACE Sensors alerts employees when they are too close to prevent and contain the spread of the virus.”

i-Virtualize Co-Founders, John Buskermolen and Dan Simunic, saw a need for businesses to do their best to keep industry moving during the pandemic.

Buskermolen explained, “The COVID-19 pandemic has created struggles for companies to ensure workforce safety and enhance workflow efficiency throughout facilities. TRACE Sensors alerts employees when they are too close to prevent and contain the spread of the virus.”

A scalable solution with high accuracy monitoring, TRACE Sensors combines Quuppa’s indoor positioning technology and ThinkIN’s location intelligence software, built on a Cisco backbone with Veeam backup, and managed by i-Virtualize’s experienced professional and support services to deliver a state-of-the-art, cost-effective contact-tracing solution.

The data gathered through ceiling mounted antennas connected via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) employee tags is displayed in rich visual analytics on an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Using a digital map of the facility, users can accurately locate assets, materials, and workers in real-time, archiving the data to enable historical contact tracing and determine contagion areas during an outbreak.

TRACE Sensors can also be adapted to multiple other use cases, in a variety of industrial and retail settings.

Factory using Trace Sensors
ILR Industries using Trace Sensor Technology

Launch at ILR Industries
i-Virtualize launched TRACE Sensors at ILR Industries in Hamilton, a leading manufacturer of innovative and cost-efficient plastics products.

ILR Industries CEO, Fred Mastroiani, said, “TRACE Sensors helps us keep our workforce safe by enabling them to self-monitor their physical distancing, using tags that vibrate when they get too close to one another. Using the intuitive dashboard, I can clearly see and track when people are too close and develop better workflows to drive operational efficiencies.”

The TRACE Sensors implementation at ILR Industries included providing coverage for 40,000 square feet of industrial space, as well as common areas. Deployment did not interrupt ILR’s round-the-clock manufacturing processes.

Non-Invasive Contact Monitoring
Unlike other contact tracing solutions which use mobile devices—both personal and corporate owned—and apps, TRACE Sensors utilizes tags that only gather location data while the worker is in the facility.

“Our solution is completely non-invasive since it only monitors the physical location of employees within the facility, letting the employees know when they have been in contact with one another. Contact tracing data is only accessed when an illness is reported. Affected personnel can then be identified, as well as specific areas that require decontamination,” said Buskermolen.

“TRACE Sensors came along at just the right time for us,” added Mastroiani. “We were in a precarious spot and this solution will help us overcome the hurdles of not only the pandemic, but also everyday workflow challenges. I see this having the potential to also reduce our healthcare costs, so we can invest more in innovation.”

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