TRACE Sensors Helps Business Alleviate Inefficiency Pain Points

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies knew there were gaps in their organization’s systems and processes—from operational inefficiencies to weaknesses in employee-safety protocols. Some put addressing these pain points on the back burner, but with a demand for even greater efficiency to drive sustainability, businesses are looking for agile solutions to become better than before.

At i-Virtualize, we’ve helped many businesses enhance their efficiency and increase employee safety with our TRACE Sensors Real-Time Location Services (RTLS) solution. Let’s take a look at how TRACE Sensors is helping businesses overcome their efficiency and safety hurdles:

  1. Blind to Inefficiencies
    Whether choosing to ignore inefficiency problems or figuring they could be dealt with another day, doesn’t make good business sense. With access to real-time location tracking and analytics, you can monitor and review how long it takes to complete a task, and discover new ways to enhance that efficiency. The data gives you a clear view into how your factory and warehouse space is being used so you can optimize productivity and enhance your bottom line.
  2. Time Theft
    And speaking of productivity, some manufacturers have reported that they have no way to know for sure if their employees are stealing time by taking long breaks or even hiding out for hours. We want to be able to trust the people we hire, and having RTLS in place can keep everyone a little more honest.
  3. Inventory Mis-management
    In large warehouses, it’s not uncommon for inventory and assets to wander off or get lost. By tagging assets, like forklifts, and palettes of inventory, you can save hours locating them and always know what you have and where you have it. Also TRACE Sensors uses Bluetooth which means you can quickly pinpoint what you’re looking for within 1-2 metres.
  4. RFID Drain
    Sometimes it the little things, that over time, can significantly drain your profit margins—like standard RFID batteries. Most RFID batteries only last a couple weeks, so you better be paying attention to when you replaced them last or it could cost you when they die. TRACE Sensor tags have a battery life of years, not weeks, so you’re never left in the lurch because of a dead battery.
  5. Too Much Manual Paperwork
    Many standard tracking solutions are stand-alone systems that either don’t integrate with your current systems or have trouble speaking a common language, leaving you to manually combine information which is another waste of your money and resources. TRACE Sensors integrates seamlessly with your current systems, enabling you to overlay your data—sales, trajectory of customers, employee density, number of asset searches, KPIs—and automatically generate reports to help you drive profitability.

    Employee Tracking and Contact Tracing

  6. One Positive=Shutdown
    From food producers to manufacturing, businesses across the globe have had to shut down business due to infected workers. If just one person tests positive in your facility, you could be looking at weeks of shutdown which could cost you thousands if not more for every day your doors are closed. TRACE Sensors enables employees to maintain physical distancing and curb, if not eliminate, the prospect of getting sick while at work.
  7. Watching and Waiting
    Contact tracing is vital to stopping the spread of viruses—from the coronavirus to the common cold. However, if your contact tracing procedure is watching hours of videos to see who an infected person or persons came in contact with while in your plant, you’re definitely wasting time and money. TRACE Sensors tagging, tracking and tracing capabilities, let you uncover who may be infected, due to contact with someone who has tested positive, in just minutes using data gathered throughout a chosen amount of time.
  8. Privacy Infringement
    Most tracking and tracing solutions use mobile apps on employees’ either work or personal devices. This means that even when not at work, employees are being tracked. Sound a little like Big Brother’s watching you? TRACE Sensors not only provides more accurate tracking and tracing data, but it also is only collecting that data while the employee is within your facility.
  9. Toxic Workplace
    We’ve all read the stories of essential workers coming down with the virus and infecting their loved ones. Employees are scared to work in environments where they have to constantly interact with others, especially if they or a family member are at risk. TRACE Sensors helps your employees maintain physical distance with audible or vibrating alerts to let them know when they are too close to one another.
  10. One and Done
    Most current tracking systems have only one purpose and it’s a pretty expensive investment for it doing just one thing. It could take years for you to get the most out of your investment. Multipurpose solutions like TRACE Sensors enables you to invest wisely in your IT and see greater returns quicker.

With i-Virtualize’s solution you can drive efficiency, empower productivity, enhance employee and customer confidence, reduce healthcare costs, streamline workflows, and reward yourself with peace of mind.

Schedule a demo of TRACE Sensors today and see what tagging, tracking and tracing can mean for your business success.


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