On-Premises Infrastructure — Upgrade — Consolidate — Customize

Drive efficiency, while staying on budget, with a host of flexible, intelligent and scalable converged and hyperconverged infrastructure solutions. Our team is positioned to help you strategically upgrade your current infrastructure, consolidate to strengthen your existing assets, or transform and rebuild it entirely — from servers and storage to networking and security to software.

We Deliver:

  • Consultative approach to helping you plan for your unique business needs
  • Enterprise-class solution for organizations of all sizes
  • Converged and hyperconverged server and storage solutions
  • Cost-effective network solutions that ensure performance, scalability and redundancy
  • State-of-the-art security solutions for end-to-end coverage
  • Integrated and customized software solutions

So you can:

  • Upgrade and consolidate to increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Mitigate risks with reliable and flexible network and security solutions
  • Plan and evolve to meet the future needs of your organization
  • Know you have our team of experts with you every step of the way

Evolution of Infrastructure Convergence

Following natural evolutionary patterns comes the next step in infrastructure convergence: hyperconverged infrastructure. A more software-defined approach, hyperconverged infrastructure reinvents data centre architecture and completely simplifies data management.

  • Single integrated platform for backup, compression, deduplication and data protection
  • Single dashboard for deployment and management
  • Unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency and simplicity
  • Most resilient and efficient data centre
  • Solutions from industry leaders: Cisco HyperFlex, Nutanix and Simplivity

Not sure if converged or hyperconverged is right for your organization? Is it an upgrade or a consolidation you’re looking for? Need assistance in developing your strategic plan?