Overcoming the Challenges of Supporting Your Hybrid Workforce

As businesses around the world re-open, many are rethinking what their new workspaces will be like. Many companies are transforming their business models to support a mix of in-office and remote workers. Let’s face it, the future of work is hybrid.

That’s why companies are looking at implementing a flexible hybrid remote work model—employees alternate when they work from home and the office. Global Workplace Analytics forecasts that by the end of 2021, 25-30% of the workforce will be engaged in a flexible work model.

However, even with a year of troubleshooting remote work challenges, there are still uncertainties ahead. Your ability to adapt can define your organization’s stability and sustainability for the years to come.

According to CFOs surveyed in the June 2021 PwC US CFO Pulse Survey:

  • 54% of CFOs will make remote work a permanent option for relevant roles
  • 49% say the technology investments they are making during this time will position them better for the long term

3 Key Reasons for Choosing a Flexible Remote Workforce Business Model

  1. Many companies who had suitable office space before the pandemic, now realize that their offices are less than optimal for ensuring safe physical distancing. By alternating in-office and at-home workdays, they can minimize the staff onsite at one time and waylay employee fears of being infected and taking that home to their families.
  2. A lot of employees like working from home, at least part of the time, and feel it brings them a better work/life balance. Allowing employees to work from home part of the week enables them to be more productive, present, and engaged both in the office and while working remotely.
  3. The flexible model also offers potential cost savings for companies since it reduces the need for long-term leases on large office spaces, creates a more available workforce—many of whom will accept working from home in lieu of a merit raise—and cuts expenditures for office perks.


Overcoming the Challenges of Supporting Your Hybrid Workforce

We’ve all been frustrated with the poor audio quality or laptop fatigue during video meetings. This makes it hard to have the same sense of community and collaboration we once had in the office. So, the question is, how can you build adaptable, engaging, and trusted work experiences for your employees, communities, and ecosystem?

i-Virtualize and Cisco have the solution that will enable your workforce to get work done from anywhere—securely and effectively.

  1. Open Access – We’ve learned this past year that it’s increasingly difficult to access business-critical applications using outdated connectivity tools. Bottlenecks, security gaps, and connection issues can all be easily avoided with the right infrastructure and storage—on-premises and in the cloud—in place.
  2. Harden Security – The balance of ensuring your team has the access they need while maintaining a shield of protection against hacks and ransomware doesn’t have to be hard. I-Virtualize can help you fill in any gaps, seen and unseen.
  3. Empower Productivity – Most of us have adapted to working remotely or in some hybrid form, but if your tech is lagging behind, your team can’t get it done. Cisco Secure Remote Workforce Solutions can help you optimize each worker experience for performance and cost.
  4. Improve the Environment – Working from the home office or the boardroom should be seamless. Intelligent workplace solutions from Webex Support deliver technology-driven experience and accelerate transformation with displays, sensors, artificial intelligence, and automation.

Work Your Way with i-Virtualize

i-Virtualize understands the struggles leaders face when it comes to employing a remote workforce. Even though our entire team works remotely, we’re a tight-knit group that’s 100% dedicated to our customers and their success.

As a Premier Certified Cisco partner, we have the real-world know-how to solve your hybrid workforce technology problems creatively and affectively. Learn more about how i-Virtualize and Cisco can help you drive hybrid workforce efficiencies.

Speak to one of our engineers today, and start doing more with i-Virtualize.

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