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i-Virtualize: The cure for your IT pains

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With the findings from the assessment, i-Virtualize was able to deliver a report outlining key areas of focus for BCHU and helped them roadmap their IT spend to optimize their opportunities for expected outcomes. During this process, as with all of i-Virtualize’s engagement with our clients, the foundation for a long-lasting partnership was laid. Instead […]

Security Technologies Company Accelerates Storage Performance

A global security technologies provider was unhappy with the cost of maintaining their legacy storage solution. They were looking to refresh their legacy storage environment with a reliable solution that could help them reduce their total cost of ownership (TCO), while improving performance and benefitting from advanced features.
i_Virtualize Case Study-IBM
IVT-Case study RTLS

RTLS Installed in Plastics Manufacturer

When many thought that the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic was behind them, one plastics manufacturer discovered it was still affecting their employees and their business. In mid-March, one of their employees called in sick on a Friday.

Global Information and Insights Company

Knowing what you want and getting it isn’t always the same. For one global information and insights company, who knew what they wanted in a Big Data solution, they needed a trusted advisor to help them configure and procure the exact solution for their needs. Watch Video
i-Virtualize Case Study

Industrial Supplies Manufacturer

It’s bad enough to be a victim of one ransomware attack, but to be hit twice is just too much. A global industrial supplies manufacturer found this to be the case for them when they discovered that cloud server sprawl put them at risk.

Customer Success Story – Trade Union

National trade union was a victim of ransomware, losing all their data and compromising their wireless system. They needed to enhance the strength of their infrastructure and ensure security throughout their network.
Factory using Trace Sensors

i-Virtualize TRACE Sensors Helps Manufacturing Overcome Pandemic Hurdles

Small Business Taking Big Steps to Protect Employees and Future.