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The Power of Partners

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller Collaboration and strategic partnerships are...
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TRACE Sensors Multiplies ROI for Manufacturers

Having a device that can only do one thing is rarely a good investment. Who wants to go back to...
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The Answers to Your TRACE Sensors Questions

Being the first of its kind in the world, i-Virtualize’s TRACE Sensors real-time location services solution has been the topic...
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Contact Tracing: Does Not Equal Invasion of Privacy

Contact tracing is an arduous, multi-step process. That’s why smartphone apps started popping up, using a phone’s GPS or Bluetooth...
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TRACE Sensors Helps Business Alleviate Inefficiency Pain Points

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies knew there were gaps in their organization’s systems and processes—from operational inefficiencies...
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Trace Sensors from i-Virtualize

i-Virtualize Announces Launch of TRACE Sensors Real-time Location Services

Enhancing operational efficiency and protecting workers from virus spread i-Virtualize created TRACE Industry to empower Industry 4.0 and advance the...
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How to Achieve and Maintain Work/Life Balance when Working from Home

Working remotely can feel a bit odd and isolating. A lot of remote workers, at least at the beginning, have...
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10 Best Practices for Sustaining a Successful Remote Work Environment

With benefits ranging from employee satisfaction and reduced attrition to increasing productivity and saving more than USD$10,000 (over CAD$14,000) per...
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