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Do you have a business continuity plan?

This question was top of mind back in March of 2020 as company offices scrambled to keep their workforce moving,...
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Cyber Resilience: Your Line of Defense Against Cyber Attacks

Endpoint security, firewalls, malware detection, multi-factor authentication are all standard practices in mitigating threats and attacks, but as hackers become...
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Don’t Let Your Walking Computers Walk Off With Your Data

With almost every role within organizations using their mobile devices to do their jobs, there are bound to be situations...
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Strengthening Steel Production and Profits with RTLS

The steel industry isn’t one that is immediately known for embracing digital transformation. However, in a highly competitive market, manufacturers...
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Overcoming the Challenges of Supporting Your Hybrid Workforce

As businesses around the world re-open, many are rethinking what their new workspaces will be like. Many companies are transforming...
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i-Virtiualize Location-architecture blog

Capitalizing on Location Data to Optimize Every Aspect of Your Business

“Every business process can be enhanced by exploiting the location of participating people or objects.” – Gartner report Architecting for...
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Hybrid Multicloud: Store, Manage, Access on Your Terms

The past two years have seen a dramatic change in data’s role within organizations. From exponential increases in the amount...
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i-Virtualize 5 ways-Blockade Ransomware

5 Ways to Build a Ransomware Blockade

From large government agencies and multi-million-dollar enterprises to small businesses and local municipalities, everyone is a target when it comes...
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i-Virtualize RTLS - 11 point Checklist

Turn Your Real-Time Location and Tracking Capabilities Up to 11

Real-time Location Services (RTLS) is an essential part of the Industry 4.0 revolution. But its transformative power isn’t just in...
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